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Writing offers a vehicle to express the reality of war, survival, & healing.


Mission of
The Deadly Writers Patrol

The Deadly Writers Patrol [DWP] began with the mission “to encourage greater understanding of the Vietnam era and the war’s effect on individuals and our nation,” and had a particular interest in writing by Vietnam veterans.

Our mission evolved as subsequent wars created new generations of veterans and renewed challenges of understanding, witnessing, and homecoming. The Deadly Writers Patrol continues to seek writing by Vietnam vets, but we also are interested in engaging veterans and others affected by the wars in the Persian Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Their inclusion reaffirms the core beliefs of DWP: that writing can be a mirror reflecting the deepest corners of our spirits and psyches, express the reality of suffering, explore the possibility of healing, help us resolve problems and achieve a deeper understanding of our common humanity. It also can bring us face to face with the parts of life that always will remain a mystery.

We will continue meeting new veterans on the path home, encouraging them to write so they can better understand themselves and their own experiences, and to help others better understand veterans and the burdens we carry home.


“One thing you realize when you start writing is that everyone has a different reality.”

Bruce Meredith
Managing Editor


Who We Are

The Deadly Writers Patrol includes veterans of the Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars, and contributors keenly interested in issues of war & peace, military service, nation building, deployment, homecoming, readjustment, moral injury, posttraumatic stress, and more. The Deadly Writers Patrol is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


“We're in no shape to be warriors anymore. But we can talk about things, and we can still hit targets that are important.”

Steve Piotrowski

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Managing Editor

Bruce Meredith


Lucy Brown

Senior Editor

Craig Werner




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