The Deadly Writers Patrol #12

The Deadly Writers Patrol #12

6.00 10.00

Featured authors & poets:

  • Fiction:

    • Doug Bradley, Clayton Bradshaw, David Daniel, Tim Karstom, John Melton, Bruce Meredith, Philip Parotti, Steve Piotrowski, Samuel Van Kopp
  • Memoir:

    • John Midkiff
  • Poetry:

    • Peter Beckstrom, Sylvia Bowersox, Eric "Shmo" Chandler, Joshua J. Hines, Beth Mills, Jacob Paul Patchen, TJ Reynolds, William Schuth, Charles Scott, Julia Gari Weiss

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Charles Scott, who contributed two poems to it. Charles passed away on 26 April 2017, less than two weeks before the issue's release.

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